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Portugal has a lowest birth rate in the world


Portugal has got one of the lowest birth rate, only Cyprus has a lower rate within Europe. The experts are warning of significant global decline in fertility rate. According to a newest study which has been published in journal THE LANCET, the average birth rate in Portugal is 1.3 children per woman. The cause of that is due to women priority to professional careers. Portugal is among a group of just 91 countries where the average birth rate stays below 2 children. The Lancet also shows that in the EU countries such as Portugal, Cyprus and Spain have got the lowest birth rate that fall below EU average of 1.6 children per woman. Many women decide to delay or even give up maternity and prolong their education. Meanwhile, the similar study has warned that there has been a huge global decline in the number of children. Reseachers have said that birth rates fall almost half of all countries are now facing a baby bust - there are not enough children to keep their population size.