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Fines for car rental drivers in Portugal


In Portugal, the foreign drivers of rental cars who commit road traffic violations from now on will be issued fines more quickly according to the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR). The ANSR signed a protocol with the group of leading car hire companies aimed at speeding up and simplifying the identification process of the foreign drivers who rent a car in Portugal. The new protocol will allow the ANSR to consult a database provided by car rental companies to make it easier to identify car rental drivers, thus removing the entire chain of notifications by post. So it means that probably the ANSR will be notify the potential drivers via email or phone to make them pay their fines. According to the ANSR, that process will be allowing “for a reduction in the notification time of the offender” by half, and also reduce “the costs of postal services”. According to the Association of Driverless Car Hire Manufacturers (ARAC), car rental accounts for 24 percent of the purchases of light vehicles in Portugal, and by 2018 around 100,000 cars were rented during the peak season. This year ARAC expects to see this number rise by a further 7 percent.