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Portugal coming out much stronger from COVID-19


The Minister of Foreign Affairs has informed that he believes the image of Portugal has been made much stronger since the Covid-19 crisis. Portugal’s image has been reinforced in this crisis in different dimensions: political unity and institutional consultation and maintaining all the constituent elements of democracy”, stated Sr. Augusto Santos Silva. He also added: “The resilience of the National Health Service is one of the most prominent elements in the circles that count in Europe: political, economic, business, union circles and, of course, also public opinion”, said Santos Silva. According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, the economic crisis has been caused by the confinement and the closure of economic activities in the context of the coronavirus pandemic has forced countries “to learn some lessons that could be an opportunity for Portugal and Europe”. One of these lessons is that the European economy needs reindustrialisation, which, according to Augusto Santos Silva, could be an opportunity for Portugal. Portuguese Government wants to transform the country into a powerful‘ cluster ’of industrialised Europe.